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Duke Kalior Duke Kalior TOS:The Courtyard of Blackstone Keep
The Chambers of Duke Kalior.
Commanding and straight forward, the Duke commands many. He appreciates those who show correct court etiquette and may ignore those who do not refer to him by a stately title.
Frisconar Frisconar TOS:The Streets of Tos
Frisconar's Mysticals.
This sickly man stares at you with bleary eyes from behind the counter. His breathing is somewhat labored and sweat mattes his forehead. Frisconar is almost as well known for his keen interest in magical reagents as he is for his dour out look on life.
Paddock Paddock TOS:The Streets of Tos
As owner of perhaps the most popular bar in the world, Paddock goes out of his way to smile at every customer who comes through the door. His down to earth demeanor and common man approach to his clientele makes him one of the most likable men in Tos.
Skivlat Skivlat TOS:East Ende
First Royal Bank of Tos.
Skivlat spends all of his time in the company of money and it shows. His hand lovingly caresses the gold as a large doting smile forms on his face. Every so often he will jingle the bag just to hear the melodious clinking of shillings.
Watcher Watcher TOS:East Ende
The Arena of Kraanan.
The son of Priestess Qerti'nya and General Cylill, young Cort has been appointed the Watcher of the Glorious Arena of Kraanan. A calm smile graces his face as he oversees the mock combats held in the name of Kraanan the Fist.
Rycksher Rycksher TOS:The Courtyard of Blackstone Keep
The Duke's Grand Ballroom.
The younger, prissy, and less competent brother of Paddock casually lounges behind the bar. While sipping from goblet (pinky outstretched), he slowly bobs his head to the music.