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Newbie Town.

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Newbie Town.




Marcus Marcus Raza
Raza Inn
A veteran of the Orc Wars, Marcus now seems content to settle into his new life running a small and quiet country inn.
Tomas Tomas Raza
Raza Blacksmith
A maker of unremarkable but reliable weapons, Tomas earns his customers with good comradeship and low prices.
Eric d'Jorn Eric d'Jorn Raza
Raza Pub
A grinning and mischievous man stands quietly grinning behind the bar.
Rodric d'Stane Rodric d'Stane Raza
Raza Hut
The old man looks back at you with eyes that have seen beyond forever.
Ravi Ravi Raza
Ravi's Magicks of Raza
A strange man of unknown origin, Ravi is always willing to buy reagents and gems for his inventory-poor shop.