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Colhorr Colhorr Marion
Ye Olde Slasher Salesman.
A country blacksmith with years of pounding the anvil ringing in his ears, Colhorr is an established landmark in Marion. Most of his work consists of fabricating and repairing farming implements and hardware for the agrarian locals.
Lady Aftyn Lady Aftyn Marion
Lady Aftyn's Sanctuary.
In the presence of Lady Aftyn there is no mistaking that she is of royalty, and not from these parts. She exudes a sense of peaceful determination; of confidence, serenity, and purpose.
Morrigan Morrigan Marion
The Limping Toad Inn and Tavern.
A silly little man, Morrigan maintains a modest business alternately buying and selling reagents and other various notions. Although his heart doesn't seem to be in commerce, there can be little doubt Morrigan loves his job.
Ran er'Hoth Ran er'Hoth Marion
An ancient member of the Marion community, Ran er'Hoth has taken on a somewhat legendary status throughout Meridian, and is sought out for his opinions and knowledge by pilgrims and travelers. Whether he is considered a wise man or the village idiot locally really depends on who you talk to.
Tova Tova Marion
The Limping Toad Inn and Tavern.
There is no overlooking Tova, a bellowing and uproarious man who takes life exactly as it comes through the front door of the Limping Toad. He is the proprietor here, serving drinks and entertaining from his self-styled rostrum noted for it's powerful stout.