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Afiera D'xor Afiera D'xor Jasper
The Home of the Wise Man.
Afiera D'xor spent many, many years of solitude in these mountains, and now devotes his life to his art. His stone carvings are intricate designs of mathematical perfection. He will make time, however, to entertain travelers who hope to share some of the wisdom he has gained from a life of secluded meditation.
Pietro Pietro Jasper
Pietro's Wicked Brews.
A peevish and sullen man tends this bar. This is Pietro, the impetuous sot.
Quintor Quintor Jasper
Quintor's Smithy.
Quintor is widely recognized as the finest weaponsmith in the land. He is also recognized as a quiet, brooding man who keeps to himself. Take that as you will.
Widow Qesino Widow Qesino Jasper
Yonder Inn of Jasper.
The Widow Qesino has run the Yonder Inn since her late husbands・disappearance. She seems to be a very straightforward woman.
Yevitan Yevitan Jasper
The Royal Bank of Jasper.
Yevitan studies you with thoughtful, intelligent eyes. He is surprisingly spry for his age.
Zhieu B'hob Zhieu B'hob Jasper
General Store of Jasper.
Zhieu B'hob works very hard to make his business thrive in this depressed community. He is eager, and busy with the appearances.