Meridian59 Japanese Guide Book


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D'Franco D'Franco Cor Noth
Cibilo Creek Inn.
The Cibilo Creek Inn is a common gathering place for students and scholars from the nearby university, and often the site of debate on every manner of issue. D'Franco is encouraging and tolerant of any good discussion, though his views tend to be somewhat conservative.
Hester Gilk Hester Gilk Cor Noth
The Spindle and the Spinster.
Hester is from a very distant land, and her adept sewing reflects a distinct tradition that incorporates functionality with a powerful art. The clothes she produces are beautiful.
Rook Rook Cor Noth
The Weapon Master's Abode.
A nobleman and former military officer, Rook carries himself with a stiff dignity. He is a weaponsmaster, and makes a living passing his skills on to students of the warriors path. His feats with the sword are famous and unparalleled.
Solomon Solomon Cor Noth
Solomon's Edibles.
This shop reflects the fine and exotic tastes of it's proprietor. Solomon has collected goods and art from unimaginable corners of the known world, and is rumored to have relics and artifacts from even beyond that.