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Caramo Caramo North Barloque
Office of the Justicar.
Not your typical Royal bureaucrat. She's attractive, charming, and by all accounts, honorable. Caramo has spent years counting the Duke's money, filing the former Queen's taxation scrolls, and more recently, serving as clerk for the Office of the Justicar.
Fehr'loi Qan Fehr'loi Qan South Barloque
The Royal Blacksmith of Barloque.
Though well renown throughout the land for his superb skill as a master weapon smith, Fehr'loi Qan himself could not be considered the sharpest sword on the rack. The large man's slow speech seems out of place in the high brow city of Barloque. You get the impression that he is uncomfortable with strangers, but his great size and clear devotion to Kraanan makes him afraid of no one.
Frular Frular South Barloque
The Guildmaster's Hall.
Before you stands the stately guild hall executor. Frular has made a healthy profit off of selling official guild titles, maintenance of their charters and the leasing of guild halls.
Herbutte Herbutte South Barloque
The Sparkling Stone Shop.
Fancying himself a connoisseur of the finer things, Herbutte is little more than a old school aristocratic snob. Within him is a dark streak of contempt for nearly all save royalty. He will never run out of bad things to say about the other towns and the low life transients that wander between them.
Joguer Joguer North Barloque
Joguer's Herbs and Roots.
Whistling an inane tune to himself, Joguer takes great care in tending to his fresh garden of magical herbs and mushrooms. Many say he is the foremost herbalist in the land.
Meidei Meidei North Barloque
The Bhrama & Falcon.
At one time Meidei only served the rich or those who tipped well, until recently when he "found" Shal'ille. Now a hard core believer, he almost drives his own customers away from his ale.
Obert Cair'bre Obert Cair'bre The Ports of Barloque
Office of the Baroque Vaultman.
Obert is a relatively handsome gentleman who takes almost as much pride in his vaults as he does in his family. His professional manner shows that he realizes his customers are often in a hurry to retrieve their goods.
Pritchett Pritchett North Barloque
Brownestone Inn.
Of everyone in Barloque, the former sailor turned innkeeper Pritchett is the least haughty. Perhaps it is because he was not from the Royal City and recently moved to North Barloque to buy a title.
Roq Roq The Sewers of Barloque
A shadowy corner.
There is a malevolent, otherworldly quality to this man. He clings to the shadows of this vile place, a servant to some dark power.