Meridian59 Japanese Guide Book

Magic & Weaponcraft.

What is said:

Percent to go:
Drastically Further 50% Over
Significantly Further 40-50%
Much Further 30-40%
Some Further 20-30%
Further 10-20%
Little Further 1-10%
You are qualified to learn that 0%
Faren Chaotic, hard-to-control attack spells with no karmic orientation at all.
Jala Long ago, followers of this goddess couched their magic in songs of power.Perhaps, after all these years, a song or two has now resurfaced.
Kraanan A karma-neutral school oriented toward protection and defensive spells.Kraanan's spell are considered the most fitting for warriors.
Qor Highly potent spells that come at a high karmic cost.The Temple of Qor is much sought by assassins and murderers.
Riija Riija has not been heard from in so long that he is presumed dead, and his temple has long since fallen to ruin.There are rumors that some of his deceptive spells being taught once again.
Shal'ille The Spells of Shal'ille were created to heal the eval caused by warped and violent souls.They include spells of healing, blessing, and protection.
Weaponcraft Brute strength and cunning skills are the main principle of Weaponcraft.





intellect effect intellect effect Intellect-5 Your intellect seems oddly affected.
(Afiera D'xor - pupil)
mysticism effect mysticism effect Your feel a change in your natural mysticism.
(Rose drop - Marion: the mimosa tree)