Meridian59 Japanese Guide Book

Living on the streets of TOS.

A hefty book resting on a sturdy pedestal.

Written by Lisbetta of the Crimson Blade

Tos, the oldest city in the land, how well I know your every cobblestone and building crack. You see I've lived in the big city all my life, never saw a reason to move on or even leave her walls for more than a quick jaunt. Why bother, the old city is full of life, adventure and opportunity. The most popular bar, a renowned graveyard, the Arena of Kraanan, what more could you want.

If you're going to live in Tos there are two things you have to remember, everyone's out to get the better of you and you weren't born yesterday. It's not that the people are dishonest. Fiercely competitive, capitalistic, hedonistic perhaps, but not dishonest. But if you're going to have the excitement of living in The City, you've got to watch your back, trust me, but not too much.

Primarily, we support our Duke. He has done a lot to keep our merchants competitive in the world and keep our walls from crumbling in. Sure, we may grumble about his taxes now and then, but he certainly knows the needs of Tos better than those stuffed shirts up in Barloque.

Views on other Towns

For as long as I can remember we have hated those pompous idiots up in Barloque. Long ago there were wars between the people who want to stay in the great city and those who wanted to move the center of power up to the coast. Although the wars ended hundreds of years ago, they still hold a grudge against us. I think they are all inbred.

We have strong diplomatic relations with Cor Noth. It's the only other city I bother with. The trade relations between Tos and Cor Noth have always been amicable.

You have to respect Jasper. Hard working people. Jala knows I couldn't work that hard. I also like Jasper because they have thumbed their nose at the crown in Barloque. They never just kneeled down before the aristocrats. They would make good allies if another war were to break out.

We've got a word for the people of Marion, "Hicks". We've got another word as well, "Laughable". These simplistic farmers are nothing more than shoe polishers for the nobles in Barloque. Make fun of them at every chance.

Advantage - heavy freelanced commerce.

To permanently select Tos as your hometown, merely speak this phrase aloud: "I grew up on the ancient streets of Tos."

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Once you have selected your hometown, it will become permanent and can not be changed.