Meridian59 Japanese Guide Book

The Official Writs of the Noble Class.

A hefty book resting on a sturdy pedestal.

Written by Lord Fellmund III, member of the Royal Court

Never was there so noble a city as our fair Barloque. 'Tis said, my good fellow, those born of proper class established a grand, ocean side retreat in an age long past. Full of fresh air and clear views of the azure water, said nobility found reason in great measure to leave behind the stagnant puddle known as Tos. Thou wouldst think that any being with a mind for reason would follow in suit, yet those craven clay-brained knaves of the withered city moved not. And to further salt a scratch, they chose not to recognize the change in the location of power. Such was not to be tolerated by the Kingdom.

In faith, hailing from Barloque grants thee the privilege of nobility and the respect of the peasant class. Thou wouldst enjoy a comfortable life filled with appreciation for elegant culture and courtly discourse. A false Lady or Lord would be found not within our stately walls. I pray thee, speak with the tongue befitting our mouths. Take great care with thy "thous" and "thees". Speak not "thither" when thou mean "yon".

Whether thou taketh thy support to the Princess or doth grant it that villainous Duke, thou must always defend to the best of thy ability and with great fortitude the will of the Kingdom. Many a time, traitorous Tos and impertinent Jasper hath challenged the right of our rule, only to find defeat at our soldiers' hands. Barloque holds the honor and the responsibility of defending and lording over the Meridian entire. I beseech thee, forget this not.

Views on other Towns

I doubt not, thou were properly taught all matters save language and social grace in the University of Cor Noth. And I say with equal determination, thy children shall attend the same schools. Yet, once thy brain hath filled itself with the bountiful knowledge offered, get thee back to regal life in Barloque.

Were there ever a place uncivilized she would answer to the call of "Jasper". They speak in uncouth words of rebellion, yet lack the true merit to govern themselves. With no offense to the Cragged Mountain, those born of Jasper are best kept at mountain length from those of our birth.

Forsooth, the loyalty displayed by the backcountry serfs of Marion doth bring such pleasure to our continence. Nary a bad word can be said of these goodly farmers and servants. Treat them well and they will serve thee well.

Roguish beetle-headed miscreants, Tos doth own but naught else.

Advantage - Vaultman

To permanently select Barloque as thy hometown, merely speak this phrase aloud: "Good Barloque, thy regal streets shall be mine home."

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Once you have selected your hometown, it will become permanent and can not be changed.