Meridian59 Japanese Guide Book

Of Free Thinkers and Scholars.

A hefty book resting on a sturdy pedestal.

Written by Regifan Du Bukise, Dean of the University of Cor Noth

Let me tell you a little about my hometown of Cor Noth and the type of people that we foster. Once, it was little more than a country inn at the crossroads of the King's Highway and the Merchant Way, and slowly buildings started to pop up around it. Its central location led it to become a waypoint in most major trade and when the University was founded in the year 330, it declared a major city. With people coming in from all different lands, Cor Noth quickly became known as the Stew Pot. The addition of various cultures mixed with higher education bred tolerance and freethinking.

By all accounts, Cor Noth is a free city. It does not answer to the Duke or the Princess in matters of politics. In fact, because of its value as a trade route between all of the cities, it does not even have a military to speak of. In times of need, Cor Noth has called upon one or more of her allies for protection.

Most of the educated individuals in the land have hailed from our central city. It is common for them to annotate which degree they did their studies in, such as History, Thaumaturgy, and Diplomacy, or the esoteric sub-curriculums in Acarology, Pterylology, Meridianology, and etceteras.

Views on other Towns

The Capital City inevitably sends all of its noble children to be learned at our University. Immense wealth and social stature leads to an unhealthy view on the world and those less fortunate than themselves, however the steady flow of income to our programs and fine arts make them a necessary ally. Perhaps with more liberal education we can eventually change the elitism that Barloque has bred for so long.

Mostly, I feel sorry for the miner's town. The hills do not yield gems and gold in the enormous quantities of fifty years ago. Simple laws of economics foretell the death of Jasper. Unless a huge vein can be found to flood their pockets, they have little hope for surviving another fifty years. To make matters worse, the people estrange themselves from the rest of the cities both in attitude and in politics. Too proud to ask for or accept help from others.

The people of Marion are extremely useful to the world. We fully respect their innate ability to produce crops year after year to feed the world at large. Unfortunately, that leaves them with no time for a formal education. Good people of a simpler time, just try not to offend them as you slow down your speech so that they can comprehend you.

Every culture goes through stages, birth and foundation, growth and self-discovery, prosperity and high culture - Tos has now entered the final stage, corruption and decadence. The Duke brings strength to the land but one must wonder at what cost. There is much to be learned from the confidant inhabitants, but be on your guard.

Advantage - Central location.

To permanently select Cor Noth as your hometown, merely speak this phrase aloud: "I commend my knowledge to the free city of Cor Noth."

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Once you have selected your hometown, it will become permanent and can not be changed.