Meridian59 Japanese Guide Book

Seasons, ever-changing yet always the same.

A hefty book resting on a sturdy pedestal.

Written by Land Owner Donnal Reed

Life is simple here in Marion, and that's the way we like it. Ya see, all them cities try too hard to complicate life with this and that. When you grow up on the farm, you learn that it just ain't that difficult. You live your life decent and others'll treat you right. It's like an apple tree, you give it love and water and let the sun do its thing and it will give you delicious apples. Treat it bad and it dies.

We are proud to say that the most valiant and trustworthy knights come from our little village. Those guys are strong from working hard in life and follow strict codes on how to treat women right, how to give respect to nobility, and how to be generous to those less fortunate.

Most of us follow the way ways of Shal'ille and of the Princess, but none will raise a pitchfork if yer supporting the Duke or Kraanan. Why even old Faren is to be respected for allowing nature to give us the food that we need.

Views on other Towns

You got to give the proper respect to the royalty. They were born of higher blood than us. Don't need to take their guff if they get rude on you, but always remember your place in life. And it's not that we are any less important that they are, they just here on this world for a different reason.

I just don't understand. They spend all of their time chattering away about things that I quite frankly don't see any point to, like who wrote what book and how different people think differently. I got to respect that they can think like that, but if it don't produce food or clothing or make you laugh, then why bother.

I've heard some good jokes about the people of Jasper. Don't get me wrong, we're just havin' some fun. They are hard working folk that we can relate to. They're a mite bit strange in how they ain't so outgoing, but deep down they carry similar values as us.

Slick city folk, never met one that I'd introduce to my daughter. I think the biggest problem with them down in Tos is their laziness. They don't seem to want to work for anything. Always think they can talk their way out of honest work.

Advantage - Town Healer.

To permanently select Marion as your hometown, merely speak this phrase aloud: "Marion, home sweet home."

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Once you have selected your hometown, it will become permanent and can not be changed.