Meridian59 Japanese Guide Book

The Wryn's Legacy.

A hefty book resting on a sturdy pedestal.

Written by Treban Kley, Historian Emeritus to the King's Army and Professor at Cor Noth University

The Cragged Mountains are a barren range along the southern border of Meridian. The rocky cliffs and sheer walls of these mountains extend for many, many miles, forming a natural barrier impassable to all but a few legendary explorers. These mountains are inhabited by dangerous and mysterious tenants; by the fearsome Trolls of Ukgoth, by colonies of mutant ants, and by the tribes of the Great Orc Warlord, whose Mountain Fortress has eluded a dozen armies over many campaigns in the last two centuries. But it could be said that the least understood of all are the mountain people of Jasper.

The people of the Cragged Mountains see themselves as a separate culture from that of the rest of Meridian. Their struggle for autonomy from what they view as an imposed rule from governments in Tos and later Barloque has led to three wars of open rebellion against the Crown. Historians now refer to these struggles as the First Rebellion (or Far'Nohl Insurrection) in year 436, the Second Rebellion (or The Kraanan War) in year 511, and the Third Rebellion in year 569. Under the leadership of a legacy of warlords, or Wryns as they were called, the people of Jasper proved their valor as a formidable irregular army, stalwart on the defense and absolutely ruthless when attacking. The people of Jasper were brought under the King's rule after the Battle of Denthan Crossing in year 572, which claimed the life of King Zarcos II but lead ultimately to the complete subjugation of Jasper. There has not been a Wryn presiding over Jasper since, as this custom and many others have been forbidden by Royal Decree. An uneasy peace has prevailed between Barloque and Jasper since that time, although tensions have not again escalated to full-scale war.

Their heritage is little understood by outsiders, and the Jasper people are very secretive about their customs and practices. In fact very little is known about these ancient people besides their obvious and fierce independence, a toughness bred of their wild mountain home, their clannishness, and their legendary pride. The people of Jasper are renown for their willingness to support and to stick up for each other. Jasper enjoyed a brief period of economic boom as a number of hard rock mines flourished in the area between years 648 and 696, although mining activities in the area of the Cragged Mountain foothills has now all but ceased.

Views on other Towns

The emotion hatred could be used to describe the feeling that the people of Jasper have for the Royalty in Barloque, although it probably isn't sufficiently vehement. Bad feelings built up over the course of three separate civil wars take a long time to dispel, despite efforts from more temperate factions on both sides to establish a meaningful peace. Trade and commerce are conducted between the common folk, although a strong sense of contempt seems to exist for the Royalty regardless of time and distance from the original conflict.

The people of Jasper seem to be much too founded in their characteristically strong willed way to ever empathize with the positions of their countrymen in Cor Noth. In particular, it is apparently inconceivable that Cor Noth could remain neutral through so much turmoil between the other cities and towns, or that a town established around a university that they see as teaching a "pro-royalist" curriculum could be anything but a toady, subservient culture to the philosophically bankrupt government. As such, there is little culturally that passes between the two communities, and almost no economic ties.

Relations between the two townships of Jasper and Marion have been both positive and active since almost the founding of Marion, when the Jasper community essentially saved the lives of the new immigrant population following a series of devastating crop failures that hit the fledgling community. Despite Marion's political ties to Barloque, the communities remain kindred in spirit. In fact there is some evidence to suggest that an independent contingency of warriors from Marion have been involved in each of Jasper's rebellions, in some fighting cases against other Marion forces loyal to the King.

The old adage that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" could scarcely be used more poignantly than to describe the relationship between the township of Jasper and the city of Tos. The two communities have built a relationship around a common enemy, Barloque, although it would be difficult to argue that Tos shares the vehemence of feeling towards the Crown that predominates Jasper's political climate. Nevertheless, cooperation and trade exist, and should civil war every break out again, it is likely that Jasper and Tos would ally and could indeed field a powerful army.

Advantage - More restful inn.

To permanently select Jasper as your hometown, merely speak this phrase aloud: "With solidarity, we stand in Jasper."

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Once you have selected your hometown, it will become permanent and can not be changed.