Driver Parallel Lines : DPL MANIA

Driver Parallel Lines - 1978 Mission

1978 Era
Nickel and Dime
  • Loose the cops
  • Stop in the marked area
  • Get to Hunt's Point
  • Cash reward: $100.
  • Collect the wrecked ride
  • Get it back to Ray's
  • Fix it up
  • Take it for a spin
  • Learn to lock-on
  • Study strafing
  • Practice marksmanship
  • Master Driving and shooting
Pay Ray
  • Earn $1500 for Ray
  • Get the cash back to La Guardia
Hot Wheels
  • Steal the gang car
  • Get some heat
  • Lose the cops
  • Deliver the hot car back to the gang
  • Gun: 44H
Bread Run
  • Meet Slink at the Funky Rabbit
  • Collect the cash from the clubs
  • Get it back to Slink
Last Chance
(You need a bike)
  • Meet The Mexican at the start line
  • Race the biker to the finish line
  • No guns allowed
  • Pick up the tow truck from Phoenix Autos
  • Steal the cars
  • Bring them back to Phoenix Autos
  • Don't wreck them
  • Safe House
  • Gun: SERVICE 9
    at the Safe House
Rosalita Racer
(You need a customized car or bike to start the race)
  • Arrive in a customized car or bike
  • Race to Rosalita
  • Bring her back
  • Don't wreck her
Paddy Wagon
  • Capture the prison transport
  • Don't wreck it
Turning the Screw
  • Scare the guard for information
  • Don't kill him
  • Don't wreck his car
Circuit Breaker
  • Enter the races at Hunt's Point and La Guardia raceways
  • Make sure the marked car wins
  • Vehicle: Cerrano Racer
  • Vehicle: Regina Racer
Jail Break
  • Meet the prison transport
  • Get onto Riker's Island
  • Find Candy inside the prison
  • Get Candy to the hideout
  • Gun: LI-15
    at the Safe House
Air Mail
  • Meet Slink
  • Get Slink's packages before the cops
  • Get the Goods back to Slink
Gift Wrapped
  • Find a way into the secure car park
  • Steal the bodyguard's car
  • Get the bomb fitted
  • Return the car before he returns
  • Don't wreck it
  • Brow up the Billboard
  • Block the bridge eastbound
  • Wait for Candy's command
  • Destroy the escort car
  • You diverted the convoy. Now blow the escort car
  • Destroy the escort car
  • You took out the escort car. Now get to the bridge
  • Set the bomb
  • Get to the bomb trigger point
  • Wait for Candy's command
  • Destroy the escort car
  • You took out the escort. Now get to the gas tanks.
  • Set the bomb
  • Get to the bomb trigger point
  • You have to blow the gas tanks NOW!
  • You diverted them. Get to the kill zone.
  • Get the limo out of there before the cops show up
  • Get the limo back to Hunt's Point
    at the Safe House
  • Collect ransom package
  • Meet the Mexican
  • Get to Hunt's Point Warehouse
  • Don't wreck it
2006 Era
2006 Mission