Battlefield 2 : BF2 MANIA

Battlefield 2 - Theaters of War


Dalian Plant

US Rapid Deployment forces are advancing to capture the Dalian Plant nuclear facility and force disruptions to the electrical grid in northern China. Elements of the Second Army of the People's Republic of China have moved forward to serve as an improvised defensive force. This location is of vital strategic importance to both sides, for a major reduction of the generating capacity of the PLA forces would allow rapid consolidation of US units dispersed throughout this vast region. Dalian Plant - 16
Dalian Plant - 32 Dalian Plant - 64

Daqing Oilfields

US Rapid Deployment forces are advancing to capture the Dalian Plant nuclear facility and force disruptions to the electrical grid in northern China. Elements of the Second Army of the People's Republic of China have moved forward to serve as an improvised defensive force. This location is of vital strategic importance to both sides, for a major reduction of the generating capacity of the PLA forces would allow rapid consolidation of US units dispersed throughout this vast region. Daqing Oilfields - 16
Daqing Oilfields - 32 Daqing Oilfields - 64

Dragon Valley

Ancient legends of this "fairyland on earth," tell of a yellow dragon that helped a king channel flood waters into the sea. Currently, American military forces are converging upon this idyllic valley, to secure a foothold in the Minshan mountain range. Elements of the US Marines are on the offensive in this sector, while the forces of the People's Republic of China are called upon to defend ancient ancestral lands, in what promises to be a bitter engagement. Dragon Valley - 16
Dragon Valley - 32 Dragon Valley - 64

FuShe Pass

China's rich mining areas in the northeastern highland have become contested by rapidly deploying American and Chinese forces. The narrow canyons carved into this region channel both forces into inevitable head-on confrontations as each seeks to secure the prized uranium mines with their advancing forces. In the context of this double assault, success will favor the bold, given the constrained nature of this rugged battlefield. FuShe Pass - 16
FuShe Pass - 32 FuShe Pass - 64

Gulf of Oman

A USMC Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) has landed on this Persian Gulf beach during the night in the hopes of quickly seizing the nearby MEC airbase.
The stakes are high for both sides. The Marines face possibly being driven into the sea and destroyed. The MEC forces could lose a key airbase and open the door for US forces to take strategic oilfields. Both sides have been using the morning to prepare for a final assault.
Gulf of Oman - 16
Gulf of Oman - 32 Gulf of Oman - 64

Kubra Dam

Active Component brigades of the US Marines are deploying toward a key dam site in the Saudi desert, intent upon control of this strategic location. To counter the threat, MEC forces are advancing their own mobile brigades to blunt the US spearhead. This rough desert terrain contains a mix of terrain types, requiring the utmost in tactical flexibility by both US and MEC soldiers. The ultimate objective of both sides in this battle is to gain control of the entire Kubra Dam sector. Kubra Dam - 16
Kubra Dam - 32 Kubra Dam - 64

Mashtuur City

Leading elements of the US ground force must capture Mashtuur City, a primary Middle East axis of advance. In response, MEC units are rushing forward to hold the city at all costs. In this double assault upon a key urban asset, all elements of modern warfare are likely to be deployed, attempting to secure vital CPs that dot the city. Victory will go to the side that controls the majority of Mashtuur when hostilities cease. Mashtuur City - 16
Mashtuur City - 32 Mashtuur City - 64

Operation Clean Sweep

This vital entrance to the Persian Gulf is held by local MEC forces who have established a strong defensive presence on the scattered islands of the waterway. For the US Rapid Deployment force to clear the waterway they must first deploy air assets to disable a key MEC power station, after which the US force must enter the channel and capture the islands defended by these determined MEC fighters. Operation Clean Sweep - 16
Operation Clean Sweep - 32 Operation Clean Sweep - 64

Road to Jalalabad

The American war machine has thundered over to the eastern border of Afghanistan in its continued battle against the MEC. Jalalabad dominates the entrances to the Laghman and Kunar valleys, and is the first stop for men and supplies streaming across the Pakistani border into Afghanistan. It’s a crucial training and logistical outpost of the MEC forces, who are holed up in the heart of the city awaiting an impending US onslaught with bated breath. This city is a strategic capture point and must be taken at any cost! Road to Jalalabad - 16
Road to Jalalabad - 32 Road to Jalalabad - 64

Sharqi Peninsula

This vital position on the Persian Gulf possesses a TV station with a powerful transmitter, allowing it to aid propaganda support for the ongoing MEC campaign. US Rapid Deployment forces have captured this coastal position and now face a determined counterattack by converging MEC forces. This lazy seaside resort of villas, markets and beach houses is about to become a modern battlefield as US forces attempt to hold on to their newly-captured communications prize. Sharqi Peninsula - 16
Sharqi Peninsula - 32 Sharqi Peninsula - 64

Songhua Stalemate

Newly formed Active Component brigades of the US Marines advance from the Russian plains into the territories of the People窶冱 Republic of China where rapidly deployed Chinese forces mass to counter the assault. The stalemated situation along the Songhua River has deteriorated into reciprocal assaults by both sides, each seeking to capture this vital transportation artery. Stakes are high in this double assault that involves control of a main gateway to Southern Manchuria. Songhua Stalemate - 16
Songhua Stalemate - 32 Songhua Stalemate - 64

Strike at Karkand

Control of the industrial facility and harbor at Karkand motivate this assault by US forces, where they find MEC forces marshalling to defend the industrial city and determined to meet this attack with stiff resistance. The terrain surrounding Karkand sufficiently opens to allow for sweeping fields of fire but the open ground increases the danger posed by anti-vehicle missiles and sniping. It is thus vital for both sides to secure firebases in Karkand's sheltered city center. Strike at Karkand - 16
Strike at Karkand - 32 Strike at Karkand - 64

Wake Island 2007

In a surprise move, forces of the People's Liberation Army have attacked and captured Wake Island in a bid to threaten US lines of supply. USMC forces have been short-stopped from their deployment in Manchuria to respond to this new threat. The airbase on Wake Island is the lynchpin of the Chinese air threat, however it is highly susceptible to ground attack from either the northern or southern approaches of the island. Wake Island 2007 - 64

Zatar Wetlands

The Zatar Wetlands along the Red Sea coastline possess vital natural gas resources, but create a difficult battlefield for US and MEC forces. Small tributaries break the landscape into isolated islands whose soggy marshes inhibit heavy vehicles. As American forces advance, MEC forces possess an initial advantage in the air. Control of an abandoned airfield is crucial early in the battle, after which supply line protection will become an additional consideration. Zatar Wetlands - 16
Zatar Wetlands - 32 Zatar Wetlands - 64

Highway Tampa

As the most direct path for supplies and re-enforcements for both sides this expanse of the Arabian Peninsula has been dubbed Highway Tampa by the U.S. forces. In order to ensure safe passage of critical new Intel technologies through the supply route the U.S. forces must hold off the encroaching MEC mobile divisions. Highway Tampa - 16
Highway Tampa - 32 Highway Tampa - 64

Devil's Perch

Located off the coast of Lebanon, the Devil's Perch was once a sanitarium but has since been abandoned. MEC Special Forces have moved in and are using it as an intelligence base to gather information on nearby European countries. Having made this discovery, the U.S. is sending in the Navy SEALs under the cover of night to clear out the MEC threat. The battle will be swift and fierce, but the team that can perform expertly on rugged terrain and use the dark to their advantage will be victorious. Devil's Perch - 16
Devil's Perch - 32 Devil's Perch - 64

Ghost Town

An entire Russian light mechanized company was recently wiped out while passing through this deserted ghost town on the Caspian Coast, leaving smoking wrecks littering the empty streets. Fearful that sensitive material may be uncovered within the wreckage, Spetsnaz agents have been sent to secure the area. Mindful of the Russian concerns, the British have secretly deployed the SAS to uncover the Russian secrets before the Spetsnaz can arrive. Ghost Town - 16
Ghost Town - 32 Ghost Town - 64


American nuclear submarines are lying peacefully in their pens, undergoing repairs at a naval base in the Persian Gulf. Unknown to the elite Navy SEALs guarding the facility, MEC Special Forces are about to begin a nighttime raid to destroy the submarines. Should they succeed, the nuclear catastrophe could mark the beginning of the end for US forces in the Middle East. Leviathan - 16
Leviathan - 32 Leviathan - 64

Mass Destruction

The Spetsnaz have recently discovered activity around an abandoned factory in southern Russia. Reconnaissance teams have discovered that Rebels have brought the factory back online with the intent to develop chemical weapons. The Rebels must be removed, and any found materials returned to Mother Russia for further investigation! Mass Destruction - 16
Mass Destruction - 32 Mass Destruction - 64

Night Flight

Insurgents have secretly occupied a decommissioned airport in Syria. After receiving their first shipment of supplies by cargo plane, they are in the process of bringing the airport back online. The British have sent in a SAS team in the dead of night to clear the Insurgent threat before the airstrip is fully operational. Taking advantage of their nighttime training, the SAS approach the Insurgent positions undetected. Night Flight - 16
Night Flight - 32 Night Flight - 64


Local Rebels have reactivated an abandoned missile launch site in Kazakhstan and plan to launch a missile they have managed to piece together through acquisitions on the black market. The Spetsnaz are moving in to sabotage the launch site and clear out the insurgency. Surge - 16
Surge - 32 Surge - 64

The Iron Gator

MEC Special Forces have launched an attack on the USS Essex Aircraft Carrier. Their intelligence was impeccable, allowing them to coordinate their assault with only a skeleton crew of U.S. Navy SEALs onboard. Even so, the SEALs are well equipped, and prepared to put up a fierce fight in defense of their ship, affectionately referred to as "The Iron Gator". This close quarters fight inside the halls of the carrier will be won by the team working as coordinated squads and practicing superior infantry tactics. The Iron Gator - 16
The Iron Gator - 32 The Iron Gator - 64


An Insurgent Warlord has been commissioning attacks against British forces in the area with tremendous success, using local civilians as a shield against retribution. His reign of terror is about to be challenged. The SAS have been called in to execute a surgical strike on the Warlords compound and surrounding Insurgent strongholds. Navigating perilous streets and alleys, the SAS must push towards the palace, but the Insurgents have the area well-guarded and won't give it up easily. Warlord - 16
Warlord - 32 Warlord - 64

Great Wall

A newly negotiated peace with Russia has allowed the European Union to launch an attack into mainland China from the north. The EU forces hope to breach the Great Wall of China and establish a base for future operations before continuing south to the coast, but their supply lines are dangerously thin. If the Chinese forces can head off the assault and hold them back long enough, the EU will have no choice but to retreat back into Russia. It’s vital for them to link up with American forces attacking from the coast, or a sustained assault on China will be impossible! Great Wall - 16
Great Wall - 32 Great Wall - 64

Operation Smoke Screen

War continues to rage for the precious oil in the Middle East. The EU has come to aid their allies, confronting the MEC head-on in one of the most brutal battles of the war. Multiple assaults on both fronts have pushed the armies back to their bases, decimating the middle ground and leaving the oil field a smoking ruin. Even though the oil reserves have been destroyed, what remains beneath the scorched desert sand makes this a battleground worth fighting for. Operation Smoke Screen - 16
Operation Smoke Screen - 32 Operation Smoke Screen - 64

Taraba Quarry

The EU forces are en route to reinforce an American division that has been cut off from the front lines. The MEC have moved to intercept them, and both armies are about to meet at the Taraba Quarry, the only crossing point of the Taraba River this side of the Caspian Sea. If the MEC can hold their side of the river, the Americans will be cut off and surrounded. The EU must break through the enemy lines before the Americans are overrun! Taraba Quarry - 16
Taraba Quarry - 32 Taraba Quarry - 64

Midnight Sun

The Chinese have made landfall on American soil, securing the Alaskan Port of Valdez and the oil that flows in from the Alaskan pipeline. The victory was quick, with most American forces preoccupied with MEC forces in the South. The Chinese have begun pushing upriver, skirmishing with the outnumbered but determined American soldiers, intent on making the Chinese pay for every inch of American soil. US Reinforcements have arrived, and the battle for the land of the midnight sun is about to begin. Midnight Sun - 16
Midnight Sun - 32 Midnight Sun - 64

Operation Harvest

Units of the MEC Second Armored have fought their way from a beachhead landing in the Delaware Bay to here in the Pennsylvania Dutch farmland of Lancaster County. This bold push is to cut off American units moving south to reinforce Washington D.C., a city under siege by MEC forces. This agriculturally rich area of American culture is about to erupt, as battle hardened units of America’s Armored and Cavalry Divisions muster to stop the MEC Second Armored advance head on. Operation Harvest - 16
Operation Harvest - 32 Operation Harvest - 64

Operation Road Rage

The MEC forces have made landfall on the Eastern Coast of the United States, and are preparing to push inland. Caught by surprise, the US Marines are deploying nearby, hastily preparing a base of operations to stop the MEC advance. The key objective for both armies is a highway junction in the middle of the battlefield that grants access to nearly every key military target in the area. Whoever controls this overpass controls most of the Eastern Seaboard! Operation Road Rage - 16
Operation Road Rage - 32 Operation Road Rage - 64