Battlefield 2 : BF2 MANIA

Battlefield 2 - Rank System

Pict Rank Score
Private Private -
Private First Class Private First Class 150
Lance Corporal Lance Corporal 500
Corporal Corporal 800
Sergeant Sergeant 2500
Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant 5000
Gunnery Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant 8000
Master Sergeant Master Sergeant 20000
First Sergeant First Sergeant
Master Gunnery Sergeant Master Gunnery Sergeant 50000
Sergeant Major Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major of the Corps Sergeant Major of the Corps
2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 60000
1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant 75000
Captain Captain 90000
Major Major 115000
Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel 125000
Colonel Colonel 150000
Brigadier General Brigadier General 180000
Major General Major General
Lieutenant General Lieutenant General 200000
General General

Battlefield 2 - Point System

Combat Score Point
1 Kill +2 Point
Team Work Score Point
Flag Capture +2 Point
Flag Capture Assist +1 Point
Flag Defend +1 Point
Kill Assist +1 Point
Heal (Medic) +1 Point
Revive (Medic) +2 Point
Resupply (Support) +1 Point
Repair (Engineer) +1 Point
Driver Special Ability +1 Point
Destroy Enemy Vital Object +1 Point
Commander Score Point
Team Win Average Total Team Score x2
Team Lose Average Total Team Score
Punishment Point
Team Damage -2 Point
Team Vehicle Damage -1 Point, -2Point
Team Kill -4 Point
Suicide -2 Point